• "The Roscoe Project is perfect for the Hot AC / CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) and Triple A Radio. The staff at Howard Rosen Promotion (unanimously) agrees that the Roscoe Project's song "Sleight of Hand" is a hit!"

    Howard Rosen
    Senior V.P. of Promotions at Casablanca, Elektra, Warner Brothers, Motown, and A&M Records. 1970-1985
    Current President of "Howard Rosen Promotion". 1985-Present
    Van Nuys, California, United States

  • "This Toronto-based band has classic sound that evokes the spirit of vocal-driven 70`s faves like Poco, Orleans, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and 90`s California band, Venice while adding a touch of gentle, laid back Southern-pop rock ala, say, Dwight Twilley, the first two Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers albums and Ozark Mountain Dare devils. A bit odd? Not really, as "Outside Of Reno" is an easy glide along the pleasure highway of tuneage. Strongly melodic with crystal clean vocals that sparkle brightly in close harmony, supported by beautiful and honest guitarplay. All the tunes here have a sunny washed soul that a laid-back joy to simply enjoy without pretense or expectation of slotting into "the new sound" of the day."

    Bruce Brodeen
    President of "Not Lame Records"
    Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

  • "I must thank Toronto pop legend Bob Segarini for turning me on to this band from his hometown. They're a very unique blend of Byrds influences and Celtic stylings, a brew we're proud to serve up at the "International Pop Overthrow" in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Baltimore!"

    David Bash
    President of the "International Pop Overthrow"
    Los Angeles, California, United States

  • "Roscoe Project is the band of singer and guitarist Laurence Roscoe who is originally from Toronto. Outside of Reno is the bands debut album that has already gotten a lot of airplay on the American radio stations. This is quite understandable given the fact that Roscoe Project has got that typical AM-sound and therefore recalls the popular country rock and pop music from the mid 70s. Laurence Roscoe has a strong voice that reminds me of Roger McGuinn; the harmonies bring back memories of the Byrds, but also of Firefly. Moreover, Roscoe is a great guitarist who�s whistling electric sound makes me think of Elvin Bishop. During great songs like Outside of Reno, Sleight of Hand, Bipolar and Urban Steel I can actually hear bands like the Little River Band, Poco and American Flyer before me, but most of all they remind me of the Eagles in their best years (before Hotel California). In short, Roscoe Project ensures a sentimental journey back to the old-fashioned, but also mainstream, country rock of the mid 70s. And who wouldn�t enjoy that?"

    Wiebren Rijkeboer

  • "Congratulations on your "PROJECT", and all your hard work performing, as well as marketing your music and concerts, is duly noted. Your website attests to ALL the hard work you have done and accomplished."

    Brian Ayres
    Senior Producer Emeritus
    ALWAYS Entertaining Inc.
    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • "Outside of Reno - by the Roscoe Project. Pseudo-60s pop gems abound on this album! "Bipolar", "Urban Steel", "Misk Knowes", "Sleight of Hand" and "These Last Few Hours" will please fans of Tom Petty, Dramarama, etc."

    Eric Sorenson
    Arlington, Virginia, United States

  • "The Roscoe Project is beginning to take flight as I knew it would from the first moment I listened to their CD. I am very confident the talents of these musicians will not go unnoticed. I am very pleased to be involved with such a promising act"

    Danie Cortese
    President / CEO
    Danie Cortese Entertainment and Publicity Inc. [International]
    Toronto, Canada

  • "The Roscoe Project is a fine and subtle blend of alternative folk and edgy pop, with healthy ladles of country leanings that Gram Parsons would surely be slow dancing to. Lazy Sunday afternoons and driving far across through lonely highways were things that these tunes were made for."

    Martin Smit
    President of "Next Big Thing"
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • "Sleight of hand is a good song that sounds great on our station. It's a great addition to the playlist."

    Tom Sebourne
    Music Director for KFMI - "Power 96.3 FM"
    Eureka, California, United States

  • "I just received my copies of the "International Pop Overthrow" Compilation CD's and I wanted to tell you how much I love your song "Bipolar". I'm really proud to be on this CD and I'm sure you are as well. Good luck to you in the future with your music."

    Herb Eimerman
    Formerly of "Nerk Twins" with Jeff Murphy of "Shoes"
    Chicago, United States of America

  • "I was very touched by the Roscoe Project's song "These last few hours". Not only is the music beautiful but the words go right to the heart."

    Charles Katz
    President of Windrift Music
    Concord, Canada

  • "Originator, frontman, and writer for the 'Roscoe Project', Laurence has spent the last few years compiling soulful acoustic works which any music enthusiast would appreciate."

    Jacques Herman
    Singer-Songwriter Directory

  • "The Roscoe Project has stellar vocal harmonies and melodic hooks that you can't forget. Their sound is recognizable and unique."

    Richard Fairthorne
    President of Indydisc
    Toronto, Canada

  • "On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, we would like to thank the Roscoe Project for being part of the entertainment at Centennial Stadium. With your musical talents and abilities, we were able to make the Relay for Life event a successful endeavor. Thank you for helping to make cancer history!"

    Paul Mutch
    Canadian Cancer Society
    Toronto, Canada